New Delhi September 18, 2006 :

Admirers of late shehnai maestro Bismillah Khan and lovers of Indian classical music can leaf through a monograph on the musical legend. The autographed monograph was launched in India on Sunday to mark the ''chaliswan'', last day of rituals following his death on Aug 21. Bismillah Khan had released the monograph on March 25 on the occasion of his 91st birthday in Benaras. Delhi-based Om Arora of Variety Book Depot is distributing the monograph. He plans to make the book available to music lovers throughout the country and abroad, especially the US, Britain, Germany and France. "It''s a priceless book and a noble way to pay respect to the legend," said Arora. The proceeds of the sale are aimed to support artistes and educationists who have excelled in their fields. The has been brought out by a Delhi couple Neena Jha and Shivnath Jha, who were great admirers of Bismillah Khan. The book has a foreword by noted Hindustani vocalist Rita Ganguli. Bismillah Khan had autographed the monograph after writing the first words with which the Koran begins - "Alham-Do-Lillah (God be praised) - Bismillah Khan". (IANS


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