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Bismillah Khan now in Class IX syllabus

Bismillah Khan now in Class IX syllabus

New Delhi, July 23 (UNI) : Shehnai maestro late Ustad Bismillah Khan was not destined to fulfil his lifetime desire to play the instrument at the historic India Gate but his name will be enshrined in the minds of children with his life and art becoming part of the curriculum for Class IX students.

While performing at a cultural programme in Delhi three years ago, the maestro said '' When I sing the bhajan 'Raghupati Raghav Rajaram', it gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that at least some of the children will remember the 'old man' for the song''.

That dream has now been realised with the NCERT including a chapter on the Ustad in the Class IX syllabi.On India's first Republic Day, Bismillah Khan enthralled audiences with a sterling performance from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

The legendary musician has been an inspiration for the world and thus the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCE…


Want to do something for the descendants of 1857 Uprising heroes and warriors living in anonymity in the country, send details on or to protect them

‘Andolan Ek Pustak Se’ under the aegis Bismillah:The Beginning Foundation has launched a nationwide movement to search and rehabilitate the descendants of 1857 war heroes in view of the ongoing celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the 1857 Uprising.

The movement has decided to rehabilitate at least 10 families in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Maharastra.

We request the people across the country to send the information and details of the heirs the first war of independence on or so that we could be able to work for the noble cause.

We have identified and played a key role in rehabilitation of Tatya Tope’s heirs Vinayak Rao Tope’s family of Bithoor, about 33 kilometer from industrial ci…

Floral tribute to late Ustad Bismillah Khan at India Gate

Floral tribute paid to late Shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan at India Gate premises where the ustad was to play 'Tune India' on July 15, 2006 to fulfill his ‘last wish’ and to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of World War-I, for the global peace and harmony

NEW DELHI, July 15, 2007: Hundreds of people, including visiting foreign national, women and children this evening paid a rich floral tributes to shehnai maestro late Ustad Bismillah Khan and maintained and two minutes silence for the departed soul at August Kranti park at historical India Gate in the national capital.

Ustad Bismillah Khan who had enthralled audiences with a sterling performance from the ramparts of the Red Fort in the wee hours on August 15, 1947, was to perform “Tune India” concert to fulfill his lifetime wish on July 15 last year under the aegis of Bismillah:The Beginning Foundation. But fate did not allow the shehnai maestro to fulfil his last wish. The ustad died on August 21 last year at the age of …


Last year on July 15, 2006, the shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan was to perform at this historical place at a special function called “India Gate Salutations 2006” to serenade the warriors, who sacrificed their life for the sake of their motherland. It was to be the first time when all the living Bharat Ratnas and national civilian award recipients were expected to gather at the India Gate.

Bismillah Khan, the oldest Bharat Ratna recipient, was not only a part of the history of martyrdoms but had witnessed the resurrection of an independent India. The grand India Gate was built 75 years ago in 1931. A special souvenir to mark the 75th anniversary of the India Gate as well as 75th anniversary of the martyrdoms was also slated to be released.

Five years ago, when he did not have money and resources to meet the cost of his needs, the then government arranged for his performance at Parliament Annexe where Khan had to virtually give a charity show for his own benefit.

It was then that Nee…

Be Human and Protect Humanity

Be human and protect humanbeing

Want to do something for 1857 Uprising heroes, send

details on to protect their
descendants living in anonymity in the country

‘Andolan Ek Pustak Se’ has received another feather in its cap when the Union Minister for Railway Lalu Prasad and Union Minister Minister for Corporate Affairs Premchand Gupta have asked Bismillah:The Beginning Foundation which had launched this movement to continue their movement for the ‘human cause’ and launch a nationwide mission to search and rehabilitate the descendants of 1857 war heroes in view of the ongoing celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the 1857 Uprising.

The initiators of Andolan Ek Pustak Se, Neena Jha and Shivnath Jha said that their foundation would rehabilitate at least 10 families by the end of 150th year of the first war of independence in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Maharastra.

Maintaining the they were getting full sup…

Freedom fighters ask for Lalu's honour

Freedom fighters ask for Lalu's honour

Friday, July 06 2007 14:39 (IST)

Jaunpur, July 6 (UNI) Two freedom fighters have demanded public honour of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad for providing employment to the great grand daughters of the great leader Tatya Tope. In a letter to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the great freedom fighters and former MLAs -- Nageshwar Dwivedi and Keshri Prasad Panday -- had urged that Mr Prasad should be honoured publicly for the good cause he had done.
''Mr Prasad had set-up a good example both in the world and society by providing jobs to the great grand daughters of Tatya Tope in railways,'' the duo said while talking to UNI here.
In a similar manner, attention should be paid towards the present generation of other freedom fighters, who were struggling for survival, the former MLAs noted. Help should be lended to the widow of writer Pt Shyam Narayan, who wrote 'Haldighati', as she was striving hard in Azamgarh district, they adde…


All roads lead to Taya Tope's house, it's a sudden turn of fortunes, Vinayak Rao Tope decides to perform marraiges of his daughters with social dignity


BITHOOR (KANPUR), July 6 : Vinayak Rao Tope, the heirs of frontline leader of the first independence war of 1857 Tatya Tope, and his wife Saraswati Tope would perform marriages of their both the daughters Pragati, 25 and Tripti, 21, now employees of Container Corporation of India, a public sector undertaking of the Indian Railway with "pride and social dignity".

And, for this, the Tope heirs have expressed their gratitude to the Union Minister for Railway Lalu Prasad, Union Minister for Corporate Affairs Prem Chand Gupta, Rajya Sabha MP from Maharastra Vijay Darda and Delhi-based couple Neena and Shivnath Jha.

"Ab humey apni beti ki shadi karney mein kisi se bhikh nahin mangna parega, mein Neenaji, Shivnathji ko dhanyabad deta hun jo humey Kendriya Corporate mantri Sri Prem Guptaji and Kendriya Rail mantr…

Railway jobs to descedants of Tatya Tope

By Partho Burman, Headlinesindia

New Delhi: The fourth generation of martyr in the first war of independence -- Tatya Tope's – Pragati Tope (25) and Tripti Tope (21) have received the appointment letters from the Union Minister for Railways, Lalu Prasad Yadav for the post of Commercial Assistant at Kanpur Terminal of Container Corporation of India Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking of Ministry of Railways on Wednesday. The duo are daughters of underprivileged Vinayak Rao Tope, the heir of Tatya Tope.

The descendants of Tatya Tope's live at Lava-Kusha Nagar of Bithoor, about 30 kilometre from Kanpur. Tope’s heirs were rescued by Neena and Shivnath Jha. Tope's heors were camping in the national capital for the past one week. They met Lalu Prasad and Union Minister for Corporate Affairs Prem Chand Gupta on Wednesday and requested the ministers to provide them jobs. Vinayak Rao Tope earns his livelihood from a small kirana shop opened near their house.

Meanwhile, Lalu Prasad decla…
शहीद तात्या टोपे की दो प्रपौत्रियों को लालू ने दी नौकरी

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नई दिल्ली 04 जुलाई.वार्ता. स्वाधीनता संग्राम के महानायक तात्या टोपे के वंशजों को गरीबी की जिंदगी से निकालने के लिए रेलमंत्री लालू प्रसाद यादव ने आज यहां उनकी दो प्रपौत्रियों को रेलवे के उपक्रम कंटेनर कार्पोरेशन आफ इंडिया .कानकोर. में नौकरी दी1

उत्तर प्रदेश में कानपुर के समीप ऐतिहासिक कस्बे बिठूर में रह रहे तात्या टोपे के पौत्र विनायक राव /57/ का परिवार रेल मंत्री के आमंत्रण पर आज पहली बार राजधानी में था1

रेलमंत्री श्री यादव ने अपने कार्यालय में संवाददाताओं और टीवी कै मरों के समक्ष श्री विनायकराव की दो बेटियों प्रगति और तृप्ति को रेलवे के उपक्रम कोनकोर में नियुक्ति के पत्र प्रदान किए 1इस अवसर पर श्रीमती विनायकराव की पत्नी और उनका पुत्र भी उपस्थित था1विनायकराव परिवार ने रेलमंत्री के प्रति आभार प्रकट किया1

श्री यादव ने कहा ..जिन महापुरूषों क ी वजह से देश आजाद हुआ उनके वंशजों को उनकी कठिनाईयों में मदद करना हमारा फर्ज है1 श्री यादव ने घोषणा की.. इन दोनों बच्चियों की सुविधा के लिए उन्हें कानकोर के …

Lalu acts as Samaritan for tatya Tope descendants

New Delhi Wednesday, Jul 4 2007 19:33:27 IST

Moved by the plight of fourth generation descendants of Tantya Tope, a frontline leader and martyr of the 1857 Uprising, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad today acted as a Samaritan, offering jobs to two daughters of the family in the Railways.

''Pragati and Tripti, the two daughters of Vinayakrao Tope who is the grandson of Tantya Tope, have been given employment in Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR) in Kanpur,'' Mr Prasad told reporters.

In a sudden turn of fortunes for the family languishing in extreme poverty and squalor, Mr Vijay Darda, a Rajya Sabha member and owner of Lokmat Group of Newspapers, announced financial assistance of Rs five lakh for them.

Company Affairs Minister Premchand Gupta chipped in with an announcement that the house of Tantya Tope at Bithur, 37 km from Kanpur, would be turned into a memorial. A life-size statue of the martyr would also be installed there.

The announcements for providng succour to…

BITHOR,where human race on earth was propagated and Tatya Tope spent his life before he was galloped, neglected; district magistrate humiliates heirs

Bithoor, where human race on earth was propagated and Tatya Tope spent his life before he was galloped, neglected; district magistrate humiliates Tatya’s starved and malnutrited heirs, live and continue to languish in squalour and anonymity

BITHOOR (KANPUR) : Clad with Marathi dhoti and banyan, neglected and malnutrited Vinayak Rao Tope, 52, and his 18-year son Ashutosh Tope were sitting at Gajanan Kirana and General Store (at the premises of Ram Chandra Pandurang @ Tatya Tope’s house) at Lava-Kusha Nagar of Bithoor - a place of great antiquity - situated on the bank of River Ganga, about 30 kilometer from Kanpur.

It is here at Bithoor that Brahma, the God of creation, performed the grate horse sacrifice for propagating the human race on earth and Tatya Tope came here at the age of four with Baji Rao Peshwa-II and fought with the British army during the first war of Independence in 1857 before he was galloped in 1859.

The people of Bithoor, especially the new generation, does not know wh…

Trial & death of Tatya Tope


According to “Conflict of Evidence” written by an English writer, “after 1857, twelve persons of Tatya Tope’s family, including his father were kept in Gwalior Fort pending investigations into their intecedents. His mother Rukmini Bai and his sister Durga were among the prisoners. They were found to be innocent and were released. Ttatya Tope’s father and members of his family there upon came to Bithoor to settle there. Due to financial difficulties the family broke up; three bothers went away to Nepal. Another brother of Tatya Tope, Ramkrishna Panduran reached Baroda in search on employment. There he met the maharaja and said that he was the brother of Tatya Tope and wanted employment. The manahara apprehending trouble with the government, put the man before the Assistant Resident who took a written statement from him.

Of the questions the officers asked, one was, where is Tatya Tope these days? This was in 1862.

Now, when tatya Tope had been …