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Want to do something for 1857 Uprising heroes, send

details on to protect their
descendants living in anonymity in the country

‘Andolan Ek Pustak Se’ has received another feather in its cap when the Union Minister for Railway Lalu Prasad and Union Minister Minister for Corporate Affairs Premchand Gupta have asked Bismillah:The Beginning Foundation which had launched this movement to continue their movement for the ‘human cause’ and launch a nationwide mission to search and rehabilitate the descendants of 1857 war heroes in view of the ongoing celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the 1857 Uprising.

The initiators of Andolan Ek Pustak Se, Neena Jha and Shivnath Jha said that their foundation would rehabilitate at least 10 families by the end of 150th year of the first war of independence in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Maharastra.

Maintaining the they were getting full support and protection of the mission by Lalu Prasad and Premchand Gupta, the couple, who had identified and played a key role in rehabilitation of Tatya Tope’s heirs Vinayak Rao Tope’s family of Bithoor, about 33 kilometer from industrial city Kanpur, said: “We request the people across the country to send the information and details of the heirs the first war of independence on so that we could be able to work for the noble cause.”

For the first time in the post-independence era descendants of Tatya Tope, a front line leader and martyr of the 1857 Uprising, Vinayak Rao Tope was rehabilitated by Lalu Prasad and Premchand Gupta on July 4.

Irrespective of the caste, creed and political affiliations, the ministers have sought cooperation of people, especially the youths, in identifications of such families who are living in anonymity in various parts of the country.

Lalu Prasad and Premchand Gupta have directed the Jha couple to complete the mission by the end of this year. “Special emphasis would be given to those families having girls, languishing in extreme poverty and failed to get any support from the governments and others so far,” Jha couple said.

According to an estimate, more than hundreds of descendants of the first war of independence 1857 Uprising are living in anonymity in various parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Maharastra and they are languishing in extreme poverty.

“It will be a great tribute for those warriors who had sacrificed their lives for the nation,” a political veteran and the latest management guru, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad said.

Expressing his concern over the plight of the heirs of the war heroes, Lalu Prasad, he said: “It is our responsibility to bail them out from their miserable conditions in whatever ways we can. If we fail to protect them even after 60 years of India’s political independence, the future generation would make us responsible.”

Recalling the life-philosophy of the maestro, Mr Prasad said Bismillah Khan had once said “once we realise that we all are the creation of a single divine force, harmony and unity will prevail”.

Besides the financial assistance and memorials of the heroes, majority of the identified families and their children would be rehabilitated in various public sector undertakings and corporate companies, Jha couple said adding that they have started to prepare a data-base for the same.

Neena and Shivnath Jha had launched a nation wide movement “Andolan Ek Pustak Se” under the banner of Bismillah:The Beginning Foundation, a trust, set-up to protect the shehnai wizard late Ustad Bismillah Khan and other musicians, artists, academicians and others whgo have brought laurels and pride to the nation and also, to promote the secular philosophy of the Ustad.

Stressing the need for the rehabilitation of such families, Premchand Gupta quoting Bhagwat Gita said: “Salvation is only possible through inner realisations manifesting from a living entities consciousness situated in pure righteousness and considering this the magnanimous one. The Mahabharata has all the essential ingredients to evolve and protect humanity and Srimad Bhagavad-Gita is the epitome of the Mahabharata being its essence just as ghee is the essence of milk and pollen is the essence of flowers.”

On July 4, Lalu Prasad had given employment to Pragati Tope and and Tripti Tope, the two daughters of Vinayakrao Tope who is the grandson of Tantya Tope in Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR) in Kanpur. While Premchand Gupta is constructing a memorial and a life-size statue of the martyr at Tatya Tope’s house in Bithor, Vijay Darda, a Rajya Sabha member and owner of Lokmat Group of Newspapers has extended financial assistance of Rs five lakh.
Besides Vijay Darda, a Rajya Sabha MP from Maharastra, the couple said, that they are receiving support from several political leaders, academicians, artists, bollywood actors, corporate houses for this mission.

In a message Farouque Sheikh said the couple that he and his artists team is ready to perform stage in Delhi or anywhere in the country to raise funds for this noble cause.


Amrendra said…
I would simply congratulate You both for taking such a good step. Many of the families of our old heros are facing a problem today. by providing some assistance to these families, we can pay some tributes to our Heros. Thanks for taking the initiatives.

Amrendra Jha

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