Railway jobs to descedants of Tatya Tope

By Partho Burman, Headlinesindia

New Delhi: The fourth generation of martyr in the first war of independence -- Tatya Tope's – Pragati Tope (25) and Tripti Tope (21) have received the appointment letters from the Union Minister for Railways, Lalu Prasad Yadav for the post of Commercial Assistant at Kanpur Terminal of Container Corporation of India Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking of Ministry of Railways on Wednesday. The duo are daughters of underprivileged Vinayak Rao Tope, the heir of Tatya Tope.

The descendants of Tatya Tope's live at Lava-Kusha Nagar of Bithoor, about 30 kilometre from Kanpur. Tope’s heirs were rescued by Neena and Shivnath Jha. Tope's heors were camping in the national capital for the past one week. They met Lalu Prasad and Union Minister for Corporate Affairs Prem Chand Gupta on Wednesday and requested the ministers to provide them jobs. Vinayak Rao Tope earns his livelihood from a small kirana shop opened near their house.

Meanwhile, Lalu Prasad declared to connect Bithore with the broad gauge network as its tribute to Martyr Tatya Tope at an estimated cost of Rs 15 crore. The gauge conversion work would be completed very soon and the section would be opened for passenger service during the current financial year. Prem Chand Gupta, Minister for Corporate Affairs has also announced that all possible efforts would be made to build the statue of Martyr Tatya Tope in Kanpur.

Among the two sisters, Pragati is an arts graduate with a diploma in Nursing and Teacher's Training and Tripti has finished her first year in Master's of Arts.

Speaking to Headlinesindia, Tripti said, “I do not know how to thank Laluji and I have never dreamed to get a railway job in my life. I am delighted and my sincere thanks to the Jha couple too.”


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