A Good Teacher, a human being

Yesterday, I got a surprise call followed by a mail from Ms. Sahiba More, an Assistant Professor in Mumbai University after watiching Lok Sabha TV's programme on Andolan Ek Pustak Se:

Dear Shivnath ji

As I spoke to you I am so glad to have talked to you. Believe me I could never in my wildest imagination thought that I could get through the phone in the morning , I am glad we poke. Shivnathji we need people like you ,going thruogh your profile I am came to know that what a difficult life you lead both oppourtunity wise and monetorily too. What a job are you doing! I must say that "sahee mann mein jeevan to aap hee jee rahe hai.kisi aur ke liye jeena ab tak sirf kitaboon mein dekha tha padha tha aaj pratyakhsha dekha!" I cant do much but whenever you are in Mumbai do give me a call. Let me know if you need anything I will help you in which ever way I can.

Just to tell you aboout me I am asst professor in mumbai university for last 20 years. I love my country unconditionally, and am ready to do anything to make my country a better place . I also want to remove religious misunderstanding amonst people. I write poetry, dramas, write ups as and when I get an opputunity. if I can write somewhere else do let me know. I was born in UP and have travelled the length and breadth of country due to my fathers transferable job. Have lived in metros and small town both. I am a theatre buff love to see drams and can speak hindi marathi urdu punjabi and gujrati with ease.

Thanks for sending the sms of course we are friends
sabiha more"


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